Wibu Dongle Troubleshooting

Conflicts FTK and MIP

MIP users have reported a conflict when running MIP and FTK at the same time. This issue relates to users who have activated MIP with a software key. It does not effect customers who have a MIP USB activation dongle.

MIP and FTK both use Wibu Codemeter (Wibu) as their activation component. When MIP is activated by a software key a Wibu "virtual dongle" is created. Access Data do not allow their software to execute when a Wibu virtual dongle is present.

To solve the conflict, you will need to remove the Wibu virtual dongle from your computer:

  1. Remove any physical Wibu dongles from your computer.
  2. Locate the GetData LicenseManager.exe from the MIP install folder, or download it here. Run the LicenseManager.exe.
  3. In the left hand column, underneath the Dongles tab, locate the "GetData Virtual CmStick". Click on it to display the licenses it contains in the right hand window.
  4. If licenses appear in the right hand window, click on each license and click the Delete button. The license will then be removed from the "GetData Virtual CmStick".
  5. Once the "GetData Virtual CmStick" is empty, right click on the "GetData Virtual CmStick" and select "Delete Virtual Dongle".

You can reactivate MIP with your existing activation key at any time on this same PC.