MIP Activation

Standard MIP Activation

The default method to activate Mount Image Pro is using a product activation serial number. This is sent to you via email at the time of your purchase. The product activation number is entered into the Mount Image Pro product activation window.

MIP Hardware Dongle Activation

MIP can also be activated by a USB hardware dongle.

MIPv5 Wibu Codemeter Dongle

Dongle Activation for New MIP Customers

Click on the "purchase" link above to purchase MIP. During the checkout process select the number of dongles you wish to purchase.

Dongle Activation for Existing Customers

  • Login into your GetData user account by clicking here: "Account", (or click Account at the header of this page). Click "Send me my password?" to request your password;
  • Once logged in, Click "My Invoices / Keys / ...";
  • Select the MIP purchase option to "Purchase USB Activation Dongle" and purchase via a secure server.
    Important: Please make your purchase using the same email address as your GetData account. To change the email address please contact us.
  • Your MIP Dongle will be sent to you via courier.