Upgrade to MIPv7

An upgrade from an earlier version is $149.95 USD per license:

To upgrade:

  1. Login to your GetData customer account using the email address of your original purchase.
  2. Click on the "Upgrade" link associated with your previous purchase.
  3. Checkout to receive your new MIP key.
  4. Enter the key into the MIP software to activate the program.

For sales assistance please contact sales@getdata.com.

For technical support, please contact support@getdata.com.

Whats new in MIP v7:

Compare the new features of Mount Image Pro Version 7:

Supported Image File Formats
Access Data.AD1YesYes
AFFV4Yes New
EnCase E01 Ex01 L01 Lx01YesYes
DMG (Apple format)YesYes
Pro DiscoverYesYes
SafeBack 2YesYes
VHD (Microsoft Virtual PC)YesYes
XWays CTRYesYes

64 bit native multiple-threadedYesYes
Cache fileYesYes
Extended partition supportYesYes
Folder mount disksYesYes
GPT drive supportYesYes
Live Boot with Forensic Explorer (www.forensicexplorer.com)YesYes
Mount non 512 sector drivesYesYes
Network read and folder traverse speed improvedYesYes
Physical drive mountingYesYes
Plug and Play mount optionsYesYes
Skip missing image filesYesYes
Software key or Wibu DongleYesYes

Command Line
CMD supportYesYes
CMD XML outputYesYes
Updated CMD switchesYesYes

Mount Filesystem
EXT - Improved EXT4 supportYesYes New
Encrytion (Bitlocker, FileVault)YesYes New
Show deleted filesYesYes
Show unallocated clustersYesYes
Show filesystem artifactsYesYes
Improved VDI\VHDX supportYesYes New
Mount MAC HFS (no 3rd party driver)YesYes
Mount MAC HFS (no 3rd party driver)YesYes
Mount MAC APFS as FileSystemYes New
Mount over UDP/TCPIPYesYes
Remove hidden attributesYesYes