Mount Image Pro v4 Computer Forensics Software Quick Start Guide

Einleitung Installation Mount in Windows Mount in DOS Praktische Anwendung

Running Mount Image Pro v3 from the Command Line (DOS)

Open a DOS Window. Commands are issued on the command line using the syntax:

All commands and options are case insensitive. The commands for MIP v3 are as follows:

STATUSPrint MIP status information.
MOUNTMount disk image file(s) as a virtual drive.
UNMOUNTUnmount disk image file(s).
VIEWDisplay information about a disk image file(s).
LOOKUPLookup mounted drive letters or image files.
HELPPrint command help.

The sample dos commands below will mount the evidence file "Evidence_File_1.e01" as drive S:

cd: C:\Program Files\Mount Image Pro
MIP3 MOUNT C:\Evidence_File_1.e01 /L:S

For more details please check the Mount Image v3 help file.