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Mount Image Pro
Mount Image Pro

Mount Forensic Images

Mount Image Pro is a computer forensics tool for Computer Forensics investigations. It enables the mounting of forensic images including:

and other common image formats including:

image files as a drive letter under the Windows file system.

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Key Features

Maintain Forensic Integrity

It fully maintains the MD5 HASH integrity which can be tested by a reacquisition of the mounted drive and a comparison of MD5 check-sums. It also will open EnCase password protected image files without the password.

Who is using Mount Image Pro:

Our key clients include:

System Requirements

Immediate Product Activation

When you order Mount Image Pro you immediately receive a product activation key so that you can immediately Mount forensic images.


Download Mount Image Pro v6

  1. Download and follow installation instructions.
  2. A reboot is required to install mount drivers.
  3. Run MIP and confirm drive status in GUI status bar.

» MIP change log

10 November 2017 - v6.2.0.1775

  • Fixed GUI error with Add File button.


1 November 2017 - v6.2.0.1774

  • Increased speed of File System mount file access.
  • Improved support for write blocked physical drive Live Boot in Forensic Explorer.


13 June 2017 - v6.2.0.1701

  • Improved mount speed.
  • Minor GUI changes.


13 Mar 2017 - v6.2.0.1691

  • Added support for Microsoft BitLocker drives.


31 Jan 2017 - v6.2.0.1681

  • Fixed issue with logical mount drivers (L01, AD1).


12 Dec 2016 -

  • Update Wibu Codemeter activation:
    - Solves issue activating trial license;
    - Solves issue of activation drop out.


16 Nov 2016 -

  • Update to Wibu Codemeter network dongle activation.


25 October 2016 -

  • Fixed error with Unicode characters in file paths.


22 August 2016 -

  • Increased PIPE size for CMD Line client sending partition information to the GUI.


19 July 2016 -

  • Fixed Wibu Codemeter activation error causing evaluation version to stop at splash screen.


24 June 2016 -

  • Improved mounting of images with 4k sector size.
  • Improved mounting of images using GPT using EFI.
  • Identify bootable partitions in CMD.


15 June 2016 -

  • Fix error mounting LX01 files > 3TB.
  • Updated Wibu Codemeter activation drivers.


02 May 2016 -

  • Added support for VHDX file type.
  • Sorted supported file extension list.
  • Updated Wibu Codemeter licensing.
  • Other minor updates and enhancements.


23 February 2016 -

  • Fixed GUI sizing on install.


15 January 2016 -

  • Improved mounting of L01 and Lx01 images.
  • Updated to Microsoft SHA256 installation certificate.


4 December 2015 -

  • Improved handling of DMG images.


17 November 2015 -

  • Fixed error with MIP hanging at splash screen.


10 November 2015 -

  • Fixed error mounting large DMG files.
  • Improved handling of Windows compressed files.


5 November 2015 -

  • NUIX file save driver update.
  • Improved handling of constructor files for segmented DD images.


1 November 2015 -

  • Improved activation messages in splash screen.


23 October 2015 -

  • Fix issue with error on first CMD run prior to a GUI launch.
  • Removed incorrect evaluation message from splash screen.


12 October 2015 -

  • Command line MIP STATUS now returns driver versions and activation status.


07 October 2015 -

  • Updated setup certificate to remove driver install notifications.
  • Fixed security permission issue creating registry key on Windows 8 install.


01 October 2015 - (MIPv6 Release)

  • 64bit native multi-threaded
  • Windows 10 and Server 2008 - 2013 support
  • Added support for NUIX MFS01 and XWAYS CTR images
  • Caching of disk writes
  • CMD line interface update
  • File system traverse speed increase
  • Mount images into folder mount points
  • Remove attributes and security permissions from mounted files

Whats new in MIP v6:

Compare the new features of Mount Image Pro Version 6:

Supported Image File Formats
Access Data.AD1YesYes
Advanced File Format.AFFYesYes
EnCase E01 Ex01 L01 Lx01YesYes
DMG (Apple format)YesYes
NUIX MFS01-Yes New
Pro DiscoverYesYes
SafeBack 2YesYes
VHD (Microsoft Virtual PC)YesYes
XWays CTR-Yes New

64 bit native multiple-threaded-Yes New
Cache file-Yes New
Extended partition supportYesYes
Folder mount disks-Yes New
GPT drive supportYesYes
Live Boot with Forensic Explorer ( New
Mount non 512 sector drivesYesYes
Network read and folder traverse speed improved-Yes New
Physical drive mountingYesYes
Plug and Play mount optionsYesYes
Skip missing image filesYesYes
Software key or Wibu DongleYesYes

Command Line
CMD supportYesYes
CMD XML output-Yes New
Updated CMD switches-Yes New

Mount Filesystem
Show deleted filesYesYes
Show unallocated clustersYesYes
Show filesystem artifactsYesYes
Mount MAC HFS (no 3rd party driver)YesYes
Mount RAIDYesYes
Mount over UDP/TCPIPYesYes
Remove hidden attributes-Yes New

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