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Mount Image Pro

Mount Forensic Images

Mount Image Pro is a computer forensics tool for Computer Forensics investigations. It enables the mounting of:

image files as a drive letter under the Windows file system.

Try before you buy

Download Mount Image Pro and run it free for 14 days to full evaluate the software.

Key Features

Maintain Forensic Integrity

It fully maintains the MD5 HASH integrity which can be tested by a reacquisition of the mounted drive and a comparison of MD5 checksums. It also will open EnCase password protected image files without the password.

Who is using Mount Image Pro:

Our key clients include:

System Requirements

Immediate Product Activation

When you order Mount Image Pro you immediately receive a product activation key so that you can immediately Mount forensic images.


Download Mount Image Pro v5

  1. Important: Uninstall any previous versions of Mount Image Pro.
  2. Download and install the program. Once installed, run Mount Image Pro from the desktop icon to mount .E01, .L01, .AD1, .RAW, .DD, .001, and other image formats.
  3. Request 14-day evaluation key or purchase here.

Whats new in MIP v5:

Compare the new features of Mount Image Pro Version 5:

   MIP v2MIP v3MIPv4MIPv5
Supported Image File Formats
EnCase.Ex01---Yes New
EnCase.Lx01---Yes New
Segmented DD/RAWYesYesYesYes
Advanced File Format.AFF-YesYesYes
SafeBack 2-YesYesYes
EnCase Logical.L01-YesYesYes
Access Data.AD1-YesYesYes
.DMG (Apple format)--YesYes
.VHD (Microsoft Virtual PC)--YesYes

Command Line OperationYesYesYesYes
Mount Physical Drive*YesYesYesYes
Mount GPT Drives*-YesYesYes
Mount non 512 sector drives*-YesYesYes
Mount Entire Extended Partition-YesYesYes
Skip missing image files-YesYesYes
Mount using Plug and Play---Yes New
Rockey dongle-YesYes-
Wibu CodeMeter dongle---Yes New

Mount Filesystem
Show deleted files--YesYes
Show unallocated clusters--YesYes
Show filesystem artifacts--YesYes
Mount MAC HFS (no 3rd party driver)--YesYes
Mount RAID--YesYes
Mount over TCPIP--YesYes

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